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 Once in a month we publish an internal newsletter for our members and associates. Most themes got place in this thread, such as the use of stop or start orders, opinions regarding economy, flaws and benefits from a trading system, or any other issue that matters to our associates.

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A Trading System is it all you need?

Only recently the idea of having a trading system gained importance among the retail traders, although mainly for those of the younger generation. This is better than the previous situation.
Previously we’ve said a few things about general advising services, and how they can`t work for all. This month, we will share more insights and opinions concerning why.
Few systems are profitable while others are useless junk. Let us talk about the good stuff.
The people who had some experience by following bank recommendations, TV showman advising, supposed insider website information, news, and made a hole in what one day was a healthy account, goes for workshops and books and then, they finally realize they need their analytical system.
That`s a leap frog. However this is only the beginning.
Many will fall on the road, trying to reproduce and follow a system. The marvelous point is that others will take that very same system and make money.
This stage is what separates amateurs from the serious traders.
Before entering deeper in this subject, let us comment about professional advising services.
There are good and bad. Again on the bright side, forget about the bad ones, and ask yourself why a good service is not a golden egg goose for all.
Problem is that, for a group of individuals, the same single perception from the market will always allow some people to earn and others to lose money. Magnifying an example, just suppose a good piece of advice as such “the price of a security is likely to go up soon, maybe tomorrow and the advisor will play the long side”.