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the Fastest way to know the trend.

The stock market trend in 2 minutes.

Know the trend for the main global stock market indices without the need of reading endless reports. Our trading system spots the trend showing uptrends in white and downtrends in red.

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Excellent trading systems

X-ChArts is the culmination of a project initiated back in 2007, idealized to provide highly profitable trading signals for stock market indices in an objective way: 2 minute straight forward market forecast videos with trading signals that actually works, aldo proportioning a pleasant experience. Our members do not have to waste time reading arguments or tesis on why the market moved the way it did, nor reports, crossing oscillators with trendlines, interpreting useless raw data, cooked ballance sheets. A project thaat allows for independent developers and traders to join around our ongoing R&D program to develop excellent, experimental trading systems.

Part of our project consists in gathering a large database of technical analysis information, providing top quality educational content and publishing the performance of the most advanced proprietary algorithimc trading systems. An out-of-the-box approach to the market behavior grants our systems the best results when dealing with multiple markets, combining revolutionary quant concepts with advanced mathematic valuation. Our aim is to make the trading experience enjoyable, profitable and easier for our members, from newcomers to seasoned pros.

Sample   Fast

Know the trend in 2 minutes. Our video-bulletins are right to the point.
Trend Direction   Clear Objectiveness. The trend is up or the trend is down. Only trading systems with positive mathematical expectancy and under constant R&D can outperform the stock market. Our trading signals are under constant monitoring and backtesting, ensuring improvements every new released version.
Transparency   True Transparency. No conflict of interest. No infomercials. No paid recomendations. Track our trend forecast for a few weeks and see for yourself.

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 onlyProfitable Signals matters

We are honor bound with the accuracy of our trading signals.

Subscribers only pay for profitable trading signals.

Based on the system's trading signals for a tracked of tracked indices, if the net results does not result into a profitable month, our members are not charged for the next month*.

That means we must achieve the best trading performance for our charts, providing the most accurate trading signals. That's how things should work: no results, no charge.

A trading system that WORKS

The Truth, R&D

The stock market is not driven by individual decisions but by inhuman perception. Wherever is money, there is manipulation. Even if it cannot hide itself in the very thing it handle: prices. Psychology, news, fundamentals or fast-food technical analysis are naÔve and useless. Not trading strategies. Sociological reasoning will not impose itslef over reality. In reality, the market is reality, because in the market the reality is the market. It does not matter if a stock ďshouldĒ be trading at a certain price due to whatever reasoning, when the price you should pay to buy it or receive by selling it today is that one blinking at your screen.

There is no such thing as permanent money making machines that, once discovered, will render riches indefinitely. The price discovering phenomena is ever-developing, ever changing. The best trading system is always the next one. Endless R&D is the only answer.

Discussions about what is right or wrong, or either how the market should be if only the world was painted in pink, are necessary but useless in the scope of trading, whose prime goal is to profit from the difference of two prices: the entry and exit points.

A trading system that WORKS

A half-humorous view on the trading world.

instant quotesRaw data.

Tick quotes delivered right into fad gadgets? Uselessness in real time. Others are just delivering you their raw data. This is so "valuable" that in most financial sites you can have it for free anytime, everywhere. Do not work against yourself. Get an edge instead.

Trading on News "News"

When they're out, they're old. News are sorted by the media to justify whatever the market does. When really unexpected events hit the trading rooms, information is rapidly priced in. Especially in shorter time frames, when you know it, prices are already on the move.

Indicators "Indicators"

Most of our competitors will present their chart applets as a big deal. Look around and compare. Any charting platform can load oscillators and moving averages nowadays, even allowing for their users to draw random trend lines to getting to absolutely no conclusion. There's nothing free in the markets. If you think so, you're paying someone's else lunch and don't even know it.
Also, never rely on

Following hints from hint followers Social gurus

Somewhere, many clicks far away from here, there is a clueless crowd anxious to give you hints and "trading ideas", in exchange for bits of virtual affection.

Following followers of hints Shills

Right now, cheerleaders are interviewing some paid-pad. If their typical behavior is any indicative, that shill must be arguing what you should buy (or sell) because China, because GDP, because FOMC, because FED or anything, but pump-dump on you to satisfy those from who he takes his paychecks.

Trading Celebrities Self-lickers.

Posers. The financial industry is full of egocentric self-important, wannabe celebrities, bragging about false deeds. Fortunately, they are easy spotable, fighting for tv appearances, acting as having called whatever just happened, so they can promote 2-day workshops in hotels, and spread pictures of themselves trying to look smart and well succeeded, what requires a suit or a casual-sport douche kit.
Don't throw your money after

Bank Bulletins 33 pages on why... did lose the last market move, how everything can (now) be explained by fundamentals, and a Bizarro's world version on why your investment bank recommends you the other side of their next trade. Once again.

Forex Best trading system ever Forex Wonders

Ah, those ultra-mega-super-duper-buy-right-know-pip-collectors... We're almost sorry for people who buy that stuff. Almost. Because buying a black outfit would not make them a ninja.

Trading Celebrities Suspicious Ads

Too good to be true mentorships, courses, DVDs, software and garbage of the like.

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